Strategic Planning

A strategic plan outlines your firm’s strategy and vision and plots a course to reach them. We’ll collaborate with your team to craft an achievable plan and then coach you through the implementation phase to ensure that your vision becomes a reality. The following sections are included in the plan.

Core Values:

Your core values are your company’s personality traits. They define who you are and provide an overall framework for making decisions. They become increasingly important to maintaining a sense of culture as your company grows. It is also a helpful filter when it comes to the decision-making process.

Determine Outcomes

It’s difficult to get directions to a place when you’re unsure of where you want to go. By defining what success looks like with a list of successful outcomes, you can then create a plan to take you where you want to be. These defined outcomes keep your team focused and minimize distractions that slow your growth.

Brand Promises

Trying to be everything to every customer will bankrupt your company. Discover and commit to the 2 to 3 brand promises that will strengthen your competitive market position.

Key Metrics

Determine which numbers are most critical to measure on a daily, monthly and quarterly basis. This will align your team towards the activities that drive your company’s growth.

Starting a Business

Getting your business set up properly can be daunting. We help organize this process into a manageable set of tasks. And we leverage our experience to help with ideas and decisions for a solid foundation moving forward. Good decisions at the outset save expensive backtracking later and increase your odds of success.

We start with an abbreviated business plan that answers the crucial questions, including
• Strategic considerations
• Business model
• Financial projections
• Marketing plan

Understanding Digital Assets

The numbers tell a story. By reviewing and understanding your digital assets’ analytics you’ll gain powerful insight into how you’re engaging with your customers – and vice versa.

A Discovery Driven Approach

Business plans and models can change once you’ve received valuable market feedback. The goal is to find out as quickly and cheaply as possible what customers will buy and then build a profitable business around it. Our approach is informed by Rita McGrath’s Discovery Driven Growth methodologies to focus on a scaled down version of your vision idea to get real feedback that indicates how a full-scale product will do.

Compelling Content

Now that you’ve gained clarity around your strategic plan, it’s time to develop and deliver a compelling message. We can help.

  • Press Releases & White Papers

  • Case Studies & Testimonials

  • Website & Social Media Content

  • Email Campaigns & Event Promotion