The time to build your plan is not when you're in crisis - it's when you're on top of your game, your mind is fresh and you have clarity of thought.

Can you afford to wait?

Common Sense Approach to Strategic Marketing Planning

October 10th - 9-11:30am - Princeton, New Jersey

The workshop content is 1/2 of my own materials and 1/2 of what I've learned working for 5 years with Rita McGrath - brought to the level of SMBs.

We’ll discuss what you need to know when developing and tracking your strategic marketing plan, such as:

·     Are You Ready for Growth?

·     Thinking About Innovation

·     Get to Know Your Customer

·     Checkpoints & Analytics

You’ll walk away with a mindset shift that will enable you to view your strategic planning process in a different light - and you’ll learn things you can immediately implement back at the office.

Building your Strategic Marketing Plan - 4-Part Workshop Series taking the The Common Sense Approach

  • Two 3-hour in-person workshops

  • Two 2-hour Zoom webinars with 1-hour of open office hours/Q&A

  • Introductory Rate of $788 ($197/session, a $1,200 value)

  • Limited to 10 companies (2 participants per company)

Contact to qualify & learn more.

Part 1 – Take Inventory - Get a clear picture of where you are spending your resources

Part 2 – Consumption Chain Analysis - Get to know your customer experience

Part 3 – Digital Analytics – Seeing the Story in the Numbers

Part 4 – Defining Outcomes – Creating scenarios of what success looks like

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